I specialize in Squashing, Crushing,  Some Trampling, Wrestling, Human Furniture, Face Sitting, Body Lifting & Stretching. 

  • Squashing - Sitting on a person to apply pressure (Usually on a bed or soft surface) and slowly squash them until they can no longer take the weight.

  • Crushing - Sitting or standing on a person to apply extreme pressure ( Usually on the floor or wooden object) until they can no longer take the weight.

  • Trampling - Walking, Stepping, Stomping, Kicking, Bouncing, Jumping on a person until they can no longer take it. (Usually on the stomach area with the person laying on the floor)

  • Wrestling - Self explanatory, I have wrestled playfully and intensely.  Either way is fun.  I do have rules for wrestling so email for info.

  • Human Furniture - Using people as furniture in different positions and sitting on them for long periods of time. 

  • Face Sitting - Sitting on someone face, neck and chest so that the buttocks puts pressure and make breathing hard. Sometimes the face to the side or pressured by the buttocks. (NO ORAL ACTIVITY INVOLVED)

  • Body Lifting/Carry and Stretching - Something I find lots of fun. Lifting someone with my legs in the air.  Carrying someone piggy back, face to face carry.  Stretching backs, arms and legs.

Sessions rates are on an hourly basis, in a safe environment, with a 3rd Party to ensure Safety. I am very discreet.

Terms of Service

    I am now taking appointments for the New York City and a joining areas.  I want to make it clear that I am a professional Female Wrestler, Squasher. While sessions can be stimulating and you may become aroused, There will be
NO SEXUAL INTERCOURSE INVOLVED, NO NUDITY, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PERFORM ANY FORM OF SEXUAL ACT UPON ME, I WILL NOT PERFORM ANY SEXUAL ACT OR BE PRESENT WHILE SEXUAL ACTS ARE PERFORMED!  I take my appointments seriously. I pride myself on the satisfaction of my clients under the terms I state above.  I am very discreet and never share any personal information.


The Attire I wear is spandex, short or long leg style.  Bra tops,  tee shirts, tank tops white wife beater style shirt, cat suit,  What I wear depends on season and availability. 



The 100.00 dollar transportation fee will cover the following areas, In which I will session.  Email me with the address of hotel for proper transportation quote.

  • New Jersey - Newark Airport -  Great for those traveling

  • Queens - LGA airport -  and close joining areas

  • Manhattan - if the hotel has a parking facility you pay for parking.

  • Connecticut - up to the Stamford area.

  • New Rochelle, Yonkers with in a 10 mile radius of the Bronx.

  • Westchester - some areas with in a 10 mile radius of the Bronx.

Hourly Rates / Costs / Session Levels


You pay for the Motel / Hotel Room

Traveling Cost: 100.00 for most locations see above

Level 1 - $200.00 BASIC - Includes basic squashing, play wrestling, some domination light fun play. Great for beginners.

Level 2 - $300.00 INTERMEDIATE - Beginning trampling, Crushing, Human Furniture, Domination, Testing your limits,  Best for those who have some experience and want to see how much they can really take.  Trying to push the limits you already have.

Level 3 - $400.00  ADVANCED - Only for the experienced.  Trampling Hard core, Bouncing and Drops, Body Slams etc. Domination and Humiliation. For those who have been doing this for some time and have developed a high tolerance.


NOTE: Do not email me asking for lower prices! If you cannot afford a session, save for it! If you feel the price is to much go elsewhere. If you wish to have a session with Queen Raqui you will have to pay the above amount!


NOTE: You must make a DEPOSIT to book a session.  Deposit is usually half of the session cost.  It is NON REFUNDABLE.  If you have to change your session date you must do so with in 48 hours of your session booking.  You must reschedule with in 30 days. It doesnt matter if we have had 1 session or 100 sessions.  A deposit is MANDATORY!  You can email me for information on how to make a deposit


Multiple Girl Session

  • Multiple Girl sessions are available. 

  • Females are under my training

  • Females are with in the 350-550 lb range. 

  • Black and Hispanic women available.

  • Females are good looking to beautiful.  I work with ladies of different ethnic backgrounds, I will try to work with your request on types of ladies. Ladies have families and do not share pictures. 

  • Females all deal with Basic level sessions.  Some are training on the Intermediate Level, I take on any work of a Intermediate or Advanced Level that they are not comfortable with.

  • For one extra female during session you pay 200.00

  • For two or more you pay 150.00 for each extra female

Pictures and Video
If you are interested in having pictures and or video/video clips as a memory of your session.  The cost is 150.00 this includes the video and picture taking plus a copy of the edited DVD for your personal use.  If you agree to the video and pictures being used by Queen Raqui for her purposes.  The Video taping and copy of the Edited DVD are yours FREE!


Faces need not be shown, you can wear a disguise or I can edit your identity.



Interested in a Session but need more details?

E-mail Queen Raqui to confirm what you would like to do, and type of session that you would like.