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The Amazon Puerto Rican Queen

Standing 6'4 Inches Tall barefoot. Weighing 600+ pounds.

Dimensions: 56G, 68 inch waist, 90 inch Hips

Her body Utterly Amazing, Her agility astounding,

No one has seen such a big woman move like this before!

Don't deny that you Love Big Women.

Embrace it and realize that a Queen Lives

Right here... Right now... and Maybe you can Meet her.


This Site is dedicated to all the people who love

Big Beautiful women and realize that a Big woman can be Strong

as well as Sexy and ambitious.


Here you will see Squashing, Wrestling, Crushing & Trampling at it's best.

Super Tall, Super Sized Raqui shows everyone that she can use her

size to her advantage.  She is not out to destroy you, but to enlighten you

to see that she is the best of every woman in a larger than life package!


NOTE: Queen Raqui is now in Semi-Retirement. She is still conducting Sessions. This site is now Priced at $4.99 for all content.

Come on in and Enjoy thousands of Pictures and Video's

featuring Queen Raqui